Book Conversion

data entry services indiaData Entry Services India is a professional book conversion company that offers quality results for various book conversion services that we provide to our clients worldwide. We specialize in e-book conversion projects of any size or capacity and ensure quality along with fast turn around time. With past delivery of more than 300 projects with required quality and within the given timeline we ensure that our clients get quality book conversion services in reasonable costs.

At Data Entry Services India we have professionals working with us who are highly experienced in various book conversion techniques. We undertake all kinds of printed books, web based articles, and manuscripts as well as paper based articles for conversion. We finally deliver books in electronic format like for example e-books, online brochures and journals that can uploaded on the web after converting them into HTML pages.

Our book conversion services encompass the following:

  • Conversion of all kinds of books, catalogues and journals
  • Quality e-book conversion that people can easily refer to
  • Help publish online a wide range of formats like HTML, PDF and other file formats
  • Create online brochures and magazines
  • Deliver world class online readable materials at lower costs

As an integral part of our book conversion services we take care of a wide range of aspects like scanning, data cleaning, OCR (Optical Character Reading), proof reading and styling. We convert any handwritten material so that it can be easily edited afterwards.

By using the latest technologies available in the market we have developed systems that can easily replicate original matter into usable electronic format. The converted electronic format can then afterwards be easily installed on CD ROMs or DVDs or even uploaded on servers. This way we intend to maximize versatility for your business so that information can be reached to your clients in an easier and a faster way.

Outsource book conversion to us and enjoy the following key features:

  • Quality : We offer quality electronic books by proof reading and ensuring no data or information is missing
  • Cost effective : With our book conversion services you can benefit from huge savings
  • Compatibility : We offer book conversion solutions that are compatible with all major or popular formats.

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