Data Capture

data entry services indiaData Entry Services India offers professional Data Capture Services and has been providing remote data capture services and electronic data capture services to clients since its inception. We use the latest and most reliable technology available to scan and process data for process automation in companies of all sizes. Our data processors and scanners offer high quality electronic data capture that can be used for various different business purposes. Our low cost techniques and high quality deliverables make us a cut above other data capturing companies.

Our data capture services allow businesses to collect and process data taken from important forms, documents, and online sheets into meaningful and accurate information. The end result can be used for various business decisions, application business software or can be stored in large databases for future reference.

Our remote data capture techniques offer cost effective solutions from where data can be extracted from almost all kinds of documents or mediums and stored as an electronic file in CD ROMs or DVDs.

There are several ways through which data can be captured. For example:

  • Interactive capture
  • Optical Character Readers
  • Recording through magnetic medium
  • Tally charts

Data capture services also involves entering data manually through a word processor, using an optical character recognition tool or any digital recording medium through which the source data can be converted into digital format. We use the latest available technologies like ICR/OMR and OCR to enhance the overall speed and accuracy of work. We have hired professionals who can manage all kinds of data capture services whether its from paper or any other file or medium.

Our cost saving techniques and secure data transfer methodologies differentiates us from other companies that offer similar services. Our years of experience and hard work has helped us to be conveniently placed in the driver’s seat and offer quality data capture services that most organizations can rely upon. We offer clean and accurate deliverables formatted as per individual or business needs. If you are in need of reliable remote data capture services then get in touch with our professionals today.

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