Our Data Entry Processes

Data Entry is being widely used in many organizations of today. We are the leaders when it comes to offering a wide range of solutions for all kinds of data entry processes. We use user friendly and reliable techniques that add value to the business of our clients and customers located across the globe.

Data Entry Services India strives to maintain strict quality standards ensuring significant data entry accuracy. Our data entry processes are managed by a team comprising of professionals who have relevant amount of experience in all kinds of data related procedures and methodologies. We use advance technologies to make the job easier and your data entry analysis much more secure and highly reliable. We have considerable experience in using equipments like OCR and ICR instruments, high-speed scanners and advanced data processors.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure helps us to maintain our data processes and sustain high productivity and quality levels that can meet your expectations. What you can benefit from is having results that are most cost effective and highly efficient.

As a means to offer quality services, our data entry processes follow standard steps in order to deliver reliable results.

  • Data Entry Analysis: Whenever we undertake any data entry project we segregate the project into various sections based on some analysis. Each section would have a covering sheet attached so that the person in charge of the section knows what needs to be done and when. We would then delegate different sections to reliable data entry operators and keep a regular follow up to ensure quality results.
  • Quality Checking Processes: Each section is then compared with help of some software installed in a computer for quality. In case of any mismatch the data entry operator would locate the mistake and rectify the error. Once again the sections are compared and finally audited to ensure cent percent accuracy is achieved.
  • Turnaround Time: This audited file is then sent to the client for his analysis and once mutually agreed we calculate the turnaround time and provide an exact estimation of how long the project will take with phase wise and complete project deliverables.

Our data processes ensures that you get accurate results all the time. We carefully analyze all the data based upon your requirements and then send the final results within in the stipulated turn around time.

Contact us to get more details for our data services or e-mail us now at info@dataentryservicesindia.com to know how we can help you with your requirements

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