Data Entry Format

data entry services indiaWe are a company that follows set standards and universal formats for all our data entry activities. Our data entry format services involves transferring all kinds of data from various sources like databases to various data entry inputs to meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients and customers.

Input formats

While receiving any data entry project, we welcome or accept a wide range of file formats like spreadsheets, word doc files, graphics and even legacy files. We have the capability of handling all industry standards with ease.

We can handle outsourced data entry projects effortlessly offering services for online and offline data entry, image entry, manual data entry, hand written entry and card entry. You can send us other files or emails, which have attachments as Zip file, TIFF file, RTF file, PDF file or CSV file. We also handle hard copies and can convert them into digital form as per your need and business requirements. As an essential part of our data entry format services, we can handle files of any format and can convert data placed on paper or catalogs into electronic format.

We have professionals who can manage a wide range of files in legacy formats. Our data entry experts can handle your ongoing project and assign a specific proprietary format. We assign the right number of people to handle projects of all sizes so that we can complete it in the given time frame.

Output format

As a leading data entry company we can process any data entry project and deliver the final result in a wide range of formats. This would include:

  • Spreadsheet format (.xls)
  • Word format (.doc)
  • Database format
  • Access format (.mdb)
  • PDF format
  • Text format
  • HTML and ASCII format
  • Binary and other formats

We make it easy for our clients to store detain various medias like floppies, discs, pen drives or even upload them on any server. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further query about our data entry format techniques and services.

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