Data Entry Pricing

data entry services indiaAt Data Entry Services India, one distinct feature that we offer to all our clients is to come up with innovative solutions for all kinds of quality cheap data entry services. We offer data entry services at an affordable cost that can most conveniently fit into anyone’s budget.

We have business development and business analysts working with us who would make an exact estimate of all data entry services offered to you. They would take special care of the pricing and predict an effective turn around time for all your projects. They would also ensure that you get affordable data entry services that would not only suffice your budget needs but such that they can take care of your business requirements in a unique manner. We ensure that you get quality returns for the money you spend on us.

We can offer you exclusive prices for all kinds of projects you outsource to us based upon the following:

  • How huge the project is
  • The frequency of orders that we get from you on weekly or monthly basis
  • The complexity of the project
  • The clarity and the detail you offer
  • The quality of returns you need

We offer all our clients an option to choose from our special pricing schemes, which are based on the type of data entry service you wish to avail.

At the time you register or sign up for our cheap data entry services, we would also construct a pricing plan based upon the quality of input format we receive from you. We guarantee quality results if the inputs we receive from you are of standard quality which can be photocopies, handwritten documents, images and graphics that are properly constructed etc.

We are one of the few companies in India that can also handle data entry projects that are in various foreign languages like Dutch, German, and French etc. We have a portfolio of numerous satisfied clients from around the world who have used Data Entry Services India as their dedicated resource for their projects. To know more about our affordable data entry services, simply mail your query and we would get back to you instantly with all details.

Contact us to get more details for our data services or e-mail us now at to know how we can help you with your requirements