Security and Confidentiality

data entry services indiaData Entry Services India offers secured data entry services so that none of your important business data is leaked out and your business does not suffer from any kind of loss. We also have sufficient backup systems put in place, which ensures none of our client’s data is lost before and after processing it.

We are a name you can trust when it comes to confidential data entry services. We have the technology to protect all your files, email and other documents with help of encryption and other coding software tools. We use latest tools and technology to encrypt all kinds of files, ranging from personal to confidential records and emails along with their attachments.

We strictly monitor as well as control access to all important client data. We also ensure that none of the original document is circulated to any unauthorized personnel. As an added security measure, we would scan any important document and password protect the scanned file in the computer, so that only you or the concerned data entry professional can access it. 

As an essential part of our confidential data entry services, we also take care of destroying certain documents, which do not have any use to either you or us. This way we ensure that no one can misuse any of the confidential information that you have shared with us and your business runs in a desired and secured manner.

We believe in proactively protecting any vital client information by asking our staff members to sign a non-disclosure agreement with us. In case they forfeit their jobs then we also make certain that they do not misuse any of the information they have processed anywhere else. Our secured data entry services also include training data entry professionals in various confidential and secure procedures.

We also have the technology for backup and recovery procedures. We store as well as keep a backup of all necessary client information in secure servers using a reliable firewall and limited access to certain appointed users.

If you are in need of secured data entry services then give us a call today. We offer competitive prices for all the data entry processes we recommend and ensure desired results within the stipulated time agreed with the client.

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